Acquisition and Financing

The Burnratty Investment Group shall employ a classic leveraged buyout and acquisition of targets with no cash down. This is because we shall acquire businesses through (i) seller financing, where half of the profits of the acquired business is directed to the seller to cover 50 - 60% of the acquisition price. (ii) Bank financing, where businesses are acquired through bank loans. (iii) Venture capital and equity investors, where a deal is financed in exchange for an equity interest in our investment group. We have already engaged with potential financiers that would love and are ready to be a part of our mission. (iv) Debt Financing, in dealing with unmotivated sellers, we shall acquire their debt from financial institutions and call it in for immediate payment or acquisition of the business.

The mixture of few factors as: (i) The world-class Burnratty Investment Group staff. (ii) The solid Ugandan legal framework that protects M&A. (iii) The lack of global or local competitors like HCA Columbia Healthcare, CVS Healthcare, UnitedHealth Group and (iv) The fragmentation of the Ugandan health sector which has not been taken advantage of by start-ups or existing businesses put the Burnratty Investment Group in a better position to carry out our mission.