Executive Summary

At The Burnratty Investment Group, we aim to dominate and consolidate the multi-billion-dollar African healthcare sector through the merger and acquisitions of small and medium sized health businesses and attain a billion-dollar valuation by 2026 with an annual revenue of 500 million USD by 2027 while positioning ourselves as the leading healthcare provider, researcher, influencer and health technology giant on the African continent by 2026. Since we aim to acquire stable and profitable businesses with a high IRR of 50% and a high profit margin of 20 – 40%, our goal is readily attainable, sustainable and scalable.

An opportunity has been presented to us in the form of a highly fragmented Ugandan health sector and on the African continent too. Over 2000 private for profit healthcare businesses exist in Uganda alone which provides us with a great opportunity for consolidation and exponential growth that is to say growing at a rate of 65% per annum in revenue. Major players like the International Medical Group, IAA, HCA Columbia Healthcare Africa or CVS Healthcare have to endure a lot of red tape because they cannot truly connect with the local Ugandan culture which to us in an advantage of closing deals as fast as humanly possible due to our proximity with the sellers and the fact that we are founded here and are placing Africa first.

We aim to encourage innovation and the protection of Intellectual Property and Patent rights by our members and the establishment of solid partnerships with the governments and the beneficiaries.

Our focus on growth through mergers and acquisitions means simply, “we are in business the moment we step out on day one.” With a board comprised of big 4 executives, industrial experts, fortune 500 C-Suite professionals, health professionals, and persons with gravitas, nothing can stand in our way. The entire global trillion-dollar health care sector is undergoing massive consolidation and this is an opportunity, a wave, a window, we cannot miss. The last major occurrence of this magnitude was in the 1930’s with the massive chaos due to the surrounding wars and earlier Spanish flu.

By focusing simply on mergers and acquisitions, we eliminate the tenuous and often catastrophic experience of growing one hospital at a time. Here, in an instant, we can dominate an entire industry from a myriad of angles such as service provision, research, innovation and service delivery/ controlling the supply of medical devices too.

Our pre-money valuation is based on our target acquisitions. I have talked to numerous owners of healthcare businesses and none has turned down my offer to acquire their businesses. Our traction is attained from the credibility of our board which gives us a combined experience of over 200 years and speaks to our trustworthiness in the eyes of our potential target acquisitions, financiers, government and also guarantees our success and growth potential.

Through the domination and consolidation of the Ugandan healthcare sector, we shall possess the largest and most substantial market share of 50% by 2026, with our investment group attaining high growth rates of 65% per annum, with a strong acquisition pipeline on the continent, a monopoly of industrial experts, with strong patent portfolios and a low churn rate.

The specific combination of our 50% market share, shall generate a constant revenue stream to sustain the quality of our services and the profitability of our venture thus creating revenue for our board members. Our fast-paced culture that aims to deliver shall be second to none and clearly unbeatable.

The acquisition of stable and profitable businesses guarantees us a solid growth forecast of 500% within the next five years.

Our effective distribution channels acquired from partnerships with global distributors and doing business in multiple geographies shall enable us to capture this multi-billion-dollar market transforming us into a global healthcare player because of our voracious acquisition of targets in line with our vision, mission and goals. All founded on a solid experienced effective and visionary team.

Our operational shortlist therefore, is geared towards
(i) increasing revenues and exceeding the projected revenue plan.
(ii) increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of: revenue generating employees, mission critical employees, mission critical processes, workflow and related operations, procurement, capital resources, customer facing services.
(iii) Cutting and or containing costs and moving away from unpredictable expenses and toward accurate, forecasted budgets. This shall be done while staying in compliance with our corporate culture on critical decisions and staying on the right-side of all relevant governmental regulations and the law.

With the above shortlist: We shall deliver Quality Swift and Accessible Healthcare!

Mukisa Joshua William,
Principal and Founding Executive Director,
The Burnratty Investment Group.