The Burnratty Investment Group: The Business in Detail


The Burnratty Investment Group seeks to consolidate the highly fragmented Ugandan health sector with the intention of experiencing fast paced rapid growth through the acquisition (rolling up) of small and medium sized business with a 20 - 40% profit margin at a 3 - 5X EBITDA all the while building it to a Billion Dollar valuation with a dominant presence in East Africa, Africa and the global healthcare sector.


The Burnratty Investment Group is a Ugandan for-profit investment group in its early stages that is focused on becoming the largest operator of health care facilities. It was founded by Mukisa Joshua William in 2021 and is based in Kampala Capital City in Uganda.

We seek to own and operate over 10,000 hospitals with approximately 50,000 sites of care, including general practices, surgery-centres, freestanding emergency rooms, urgent care centres, health centres, assisted living centres and physician clinics in Uganda and the East African Region by 2026.

Our investment group shall acquire this goal through the employment of standards that are legal, moral and ethical. We also aim to conduct large-scale clinical research with wide ranging partners from Makerere University, Mulago Hospital and the Ministry of Health using data gathered from our patients, communities and health personnel in order to publish several medical studies and factual data in peer-reviewed journals, on the state of the healthcare sector in Uganda and critical areas for consolidation.

The Burnratty Investment Group shall bring together hospitals with a purpose of delivering patient-focused care while using the combined resources of the organization to strengthen hospitals and improve the practice of medicine in Uganda. The company shall acquire already established hospitals and medical practices.

Our investment group aims to acquire 10 hospitals in our pre-money phase and ensure that we own and manage 40 hospitals within the first two months of operation with a minimum of 2,000 beds.

Presently, our investment group is a private company that is intent on attaining a billion-dollar valuation and being ranked among the fastest growing start-ups in the world, making it the largest healthcare company in Uganda. We also look towards partnering with tech companies in order to improve health tech within the region.

By the end of 2026, our investment group shall operate a minimum of 100 hospitals and approximately 2000 sites of care, including surgery centres, freestanding ERs, urgent care centres, and physician clinics in each East African country. We aim towards experiencing rapid growth in the healthcare industry and the consolidation of the same through acquisition of major private health businesses operating in the country. By the end of 2027, our investment group shall operate over 500 hospitals with more than 49,000 beds and our revenues would have grown to a billion-dollar valuation.

Through our subsidiary, Burnratty Healthcare, we shall own and manage hospitals and medical practices and transform them into top tier health practices as a part of our investment group. From day one, we shall pursue mergers and acquisitions as our consolidation and exponential growth vehicle.

Within two years, we shall cater for two thirds of all private patients in Uganda with main sites operating in each Ugandan city. We shall also open up specialized and urgent care walk-in centres which are designed with the goal of ensuring that all our patients, on average, wait just five minutes to see a nurse and ten minutes to see a doctor.

We also aim to become significant providers of clinical and medical education and shall position ourselves as the largest sponsor of graduate medical education programs in East Africa with over 60 teaching hospitals in each country, with a major focus in the regions that have historically been observed to have a deficit of physician training programs. These institutions shall offer several advanced nursing simulation training centres and acquire nursing colleges with operational campuses offering bachelor, diploma and certificate programs in each East African country.

We aim to leverage health tech, telemedicine, or digital healthcare and employ swift delivery models using drones while monitoring patient welfare using real time tracking devices or chips to better guarantee patient welfare. Through our retail clinics with operations in multiple geographies and through our application, the Burnratty Healthcare App, we shall offer a one stop shop for everything healthcare lowering the waiting time of patients to a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes before seeing a nurse or doctor respectively and minimum of 0 waiting time. Through the use of medical tracking devices and chips, we shall have real time feedback and information on the welfare of our patients and customers so that we strive to use medicine as a preventative measure instead of the commonly curative measure that it has become known for.

Our investment group aims to deliver nearly one in every 15 babies born in East Africa with a maternal mortality rate less than half the regional rate of 0.92% per 100,000 live births. We aim to employ improved enhanced surgery recovery protocols developed through our research arm to reduce recovery times, complications and opioid use after surgery and deduct the employment of morphine medications to surgery patients resulting in a major decrease in the total morphine equivalence per encounter.

We shall strongly invest in workforce education and leadership programs for our employees and affiliates that shall supersede the 200,000 mark, including 100,000 registered nurses and over 45,000 physicians. We shall generously spend on student loan assistance, tuition reimbursement, and certification support through our unique voucher program. Through The Burnratty Investment Group Fund, we shall provide financial support to any of our employees suffering from hardship due to natural disasters, illness, injury, domestic violence, the demise of a loved one, or any other unavoidable circumstance.

Through the Burnratty Foundation, our investment group shall engage and support communities through healthcare corporate sponsorships, as well as through the grassroots efforts of employees and affiliates. We shall provide support for childhood and youth development programs, scholarships, community-based health clinics and operating budgets of not-for-profit organizations through charitable contributions in the areas of our operations.


To consolidate and dominate the highly fragmented Ugandan, East African and African health sector through the merger and acquisition of small and medium sized stable and profitable businesses that meet our investment standards in a legal, moral and ethical manner.


Dominating. Consolidating. Boldness. Leading. Integrity. Honesty. Fairness. Trustworthiness. Credibility. Accountability. Learning. Impact. Swift Quality Accessible Healthcare. Customer Experience. Consistency. Accuracy. Ambitiousness. Imagination. Creativity. Innovation. Empathy. Perseverance. Resilience. Courage. Collaboration. Strong. Excellence. Diversity. Inclusivity. Sustainability. Vision. Adaptability. Agility. Service. Passion. Authenticity. Empowerment. Accountability. Transparency. Grit. Dedication. Focus. Patience. Optimism. Tenacity. Purpose. Responsibility. Initiative. Clarity. Decisiveness. Humility. Authenticity. Compassion. Gratitude. Generosity. Kindness. Positivity. Open-mindedness. Wisdom. Resourcefulness. Curiosity. Flexibility. Agility. Communication. Empowerment. Trust. Teamwork. Leadership. Mentorship. Learning. Growth. Excellence. Success. Achievement. Progress. Influence. Inspiration. Motivation.


  • To become the leading healthcare brand in the African region by 2027.
  • To become the largest healthcare service deliverer in Africa by 2026.
  • To attain a billion-dollar valuation by 2026.
  • To generate revenue of at least half a billion dollars by 2026.


  • Exponential growth through mergers and acquisitions based on classic leveraged buyouts.
  • Consolidation and domination of the health sector.
  • Swift, quality and accessible healthcare shall build brand loyalty.
  • World class dream team and excellent top tier international legal and accounting representation shall guide the pre and post-acquisition phase to ensure business continuity and success.
  • We shall employ litigation as a legitimate business tool.
  • Extensive movements and travel in search for deal flow and creation of relevant and up to date health analytics.
  • Partnerships with the government and private sector.